The Self-Paced Course

The Self-Paced Course


If you don’t know anything about trading whatsoever, this is where you’ll most likely start.

Module A is designed to cover all the basic topics such as what is a stock, what moves the market, how to place an order, and what are options.

Which then go on to more advanced topics such as Level II, Market Dynamics, Setups, and more.


Module B is focused to help you with the following:

  • Open a brokerage account (for the ones that haven't)
  • Open a paper trading account (a practice account, to trade the real markets with play money) This should be done by everyone that has never traded before. If you have traded, I personally don't recommend going back to a paper account
  • Setting your game plan, max loss, max gain
  • Building your watchlist, getting prepared for the day/ week
  • Building trading rules
  • Setting the proper expectations as a trader
  • How to effectively journal (using TradeZella duh) but I'm going to show you what to look for, how to build a process, and so on

The goal of Module C is that by the time you’ve completed it you’ll have about 5 months of trading experience under your belt.

Basically, in this Module, we take you behind the curtains and show you Live Trades and break them down to a tee.


In this Module, we will talk about the mental warfare a trader goes through, and how to conquer and deal with it.

Our goal is to HELP you do the following in this Module.

  1. Understand your mind and how it tricks you
  2. Digging deeper into how Trading and emotions correlate
  3. Developing a Traders Mindset
  4. Help you find the root cause of your trigger points
  5. SOLVE THE POINTS through exercises