In Person Training

Invest in yourself

Knowledge is wise investment!

our training is designed specifically for beginners who want to become professional traders in the Stock Market. We truly believe that the best way to learn anything is to get your feet wet and gain some real life experience, therefore instead of us just providing boring old lectures, we make the training more hands-on.


Fri Sep 28th 14:00 GMT


Traders Tool Kit

  • Everything a beginner needs to get started in the Stock market:
    – Journal
    -Stress Reliever Cube
    -USB With Preloaded Online Course
    -Battery Pack
    -Stock Traders Journal
    Stock Traders Playbook


  • After every class we hold a weekly webinar that reviews any trades or questions our students may have after practicing in the stock market.
  • We also have personal webinars for very individual student going over how they have progressed on their trading plan.

Group Chat Access

  • A whole community of beginners and previous students sharing their experiences in the market. Allowing students to ask each other any minor question or misconception they may have.
  • Your very own trading plan
  • Paper Trading account set up
  • Brokerage account ready to trade
  • Extensive knowledge about training
  • Proper tools and techniques to execute traders
  • 60 Day Support after training ends