Stock Market 101 – Elite Package



The main reason people are hesitant in getting started in the Stock Market is because they don’t have the the basic knowledge or the proper road map to guide them through every step. This is where the Stock Market 101 – Elite Package kicks in. The Elite Package was carefully designed to provide assistance and guidance to individuals who want to initiate their journey in the stock market. This Package consists of a step-by-step guide equipped with all the essential tools which will ensure your success in the market.

This package is broken down into five segments as listed below:


    We first start you off with an online course that educates you about everything you need to know about trading such as the fundamentals, technical indicators, short selling, chart patterns, how to analyze a stock and much more. This course will set the tone by providing you the proper foundations needed.

    ✓ A comprehensive understanding of all major topics

    ✓ Effective lessons with In-depth explanations

    ✓ On your schedule and accessible anywhere and anytime


    After you’re done with our online course, and have acquired extensive knowledge about the stock market, we’ll start our coaching session. Your personal coach will arrange a virtual training to assess your learning along with clearing your doubts and answering your questions. The coach will also share their own experience, provide useful insights on crucial topics and train you to build perfect trading strategies.

    ✓ Virtual online sessions

    ✓ Expertise of a professional and highly skilled trader

    ✓ Substantial supervision and accountability


    Now we move onto one of the key components of trading, developing a Trading Plan. Unlike other training agencies, our goal is to secure every aspect of your learning process. Your coach will discuss with you  on how you can devise a personal trading plan which will consists of your goals, risk tolerance, trade preparation, entry/exit rules and other relative phases.

    ✓ Entry and exit rules

    ✓ Full evaluation to determine trader type

    ✓ Each trading plan is constructed based on trader type


    You must have heard the saying, “Practice makes a man perfect”, and we aspire to make you perfect. After all the learning procedures, we’ll start you with a paper trading account. A paper trading account is like an internship, it will let you practice buying and selling without involving the actual money. Since you haven’t mastered trading, your coach will assist you in making the right decisions, choosing the right path and avoiding the road bumps.

    ✓ Won’t risk any real money

    ✓ Practical implementation of trading strategies

    ✓ Trade live markets


    We won’t leave you until you figure out when you’re truly ready. Once you get all the confidence and made up your mind, we will guide you in opening a brokerage account. Rest assured, you can get started with real money.

    ✓ Full explanation of every brokerage account

    ✓ Pros and cons of all brokerage accounts

    ✓ Assistance with opening brokerage account


  • No prerequisite knowledge is necessary
  • A computer, laptop or tablet
  • Urge to learn about the Stock Market


  • Online Course
  • Personal Trading Plan
  • One-on-One personal coaching
  • A helping hand through the full process

Course Curriculum

Total learning: 32 lessons Time: 2 week
  • Course Introduction   1 lessons 0/1

  • Module I: The Basics  12 lessons In this Module we will discuss the basics of the Stock Market such as Stock Market Terminologies, How the Stock Market works and much more. 0/12

    • *Section A: Beginner Basics 0 minute
    • Lesson A1 – What Is the Stock Market? 7 minute
    • Lesson A2 – What It Means to Buy a Company’s Stock 14 minute
    • Lesson A3 – What Are the Stock Market Index’s? 6 minute
    • Lesson A4 – What Is a Bull and Bear Market? 2 minute
    • Lesson A5 – Cash Account vs Margin Account 4 minute
    • Lesson A6 – Retail Investor vs Institutional Investor 2 minute
    • Lesson A7 – Different Types of Securities 5 minute
    • Lesson A8 – Stock Market Terminologies 8 minute
    • *Section B: Order Types and Short Selling 0 minute
    • Lesson B1 – The Different Types of Orders 5 minute
    • Lesson B2 – Short Selling 4 minute
  • Module II: Evaluating Stocks  14 lessons In this Module we will be discussing more advanced topics to better help you analyze stocks to execute a great trade. 0/14

    • *Section A: Charting 0 minute
    • Lesson A1 – Intro to Charts 5 minute
    • Lesson A2 – Types of Charts 4 minute
    • Lesson A3 – Chart Patterns 7 minute
    • *Section B: Technical Analysis 0 minute
    • Lesson B1 – What is Technical Analysis? 2 minute
    • Lesson B2 – The Use of Trend 2 minute
    • Lesson B3 – Support and Resistance 2 minute
    • Lesson B4 – Moving Averages 6 minute
    • Lesson B5 – Technical Indicators 4 minute
    • *Section C: Fundamental Analysis 0 minute
    • Lesson C1 – What Is Fundamental Analysis? 6 minute
    • Lesson C2 – 5 Key Factors to Look at During Fundamental Analysis 7 minute
    • Lesson C3 – Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis 8 minute
  • Module III: Getting Started   4 lessons In this Module we will walk you through the steps of making your first trade. 0/4

    • *Section A: Steps to Making Your First Trade 0 minute
    • Lesson A1 – Opening a Brokerage Account 7 minute
    • Lesson A2 – What Is a Trading plan and Its Benefits? 4 minute
    • Lesson A3 – Walk Through of Making Your First Trade 4 minute
  • Extras  1 lessons 0/1

    • Extra’s 4 minute



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