For the month of February, we would like to announce a beautiful, strong, and powerful woman, Schern Yung, as our first official trader of the month.

This full post is completely from Schern’s perspective as she takes us on a stroll through her amazing journey. 

Schern joined our community about one year ago, in March 2019.

Since then, her positive energy has brought so much light into the lives of her fellow friends in the trader’s chat, as well as the Stock Market Lab team itself. 

Without further ado, this is her story. 

Hi, I’m Schern.

During 2012 when I was 27 I was diagnosed with cancer and that was a life-changing experience.

It made me realize just how delicate life is and how precious our TIME is.

Time is the most valuable thing we have.

Before I joined the SML community, I wasn’t working full time.

In 2016, I decided to leave my employer for 13 years.

I started working there full time at the age of 19 while working towards my BA during the evenings.

Those were the most exhausting 2.5 years of my life!

Then in 2016, an opportunity presented itself at work and I decided to ask my employer to F*** Off and do me a favor of laying me off.

I was tired of the daily commute to work, being micromanaged, and felt that if I continued working like this I would get sick again.

It was time for a big permanent change.

I took a couple of years off and don’t plan on ever going back to a job.

Life is too short to give my time away to someone else in exchange for money.

The new goal wasn’t to make money

but to be permanently free from giving my time away to someone else in exchange for money. I wanted to be able to spend my time doing what I wanted to do.

I decided to spend a few months out of the year traveling to countries I haven’t been to yet and also revisiting some of my favorite countries.

Eventually, my goal is to live overseas.

When I decided to join Stock Market Lab

I’ve always wanted to be a trader. Even though I worked in a trading firm with a bunch of futures traders, I didn’t really get the opportunity to trade for myself full time.

I’ve also dabbled in stocks but only bought and held.

In 2019 I started winding down on all my travels and decided that I wanted to learn more about trading and do it full time.

While I was traveling I was also trading stocks but after taking a big loss on a specific stock I realized – I don’t know what I’m doing.

Instead, I should think about learning how to trade-off charts not fundamentals.

I remember telling my sister that I wanted to get better at trading and she mentioned this young trader on Instagram who she had been following…


I checked out his page and wasn’t sure if I was ready to sign up for a training from someone I just heard about and of course, I was a bit skeptical (like most people). 

The VERY NEXT DAY while I was driving out to the city, I saw this car zoom right in front of me and it looked familiar. I looked at the license plate holder and saw it said “Stock Market Lab” and realized it was Umar. 

At that moment I felt like this was a sign from the Universe that I needed to sign up for the training. And that’s exactly what I did. 

Schern with the Stock Market Lab community

And my trading journey begins here…

I started focusing on trading full time on October 14, 2019.

When I first started, I remember for the first few days I was feeling super nervous and anxious when I would put on trades (insane adrenaline!).

But then I’d also feel worried that I would blow my account since I’ve seen it happen before many times ( to traders at my previous company).

In order to be able to sustain my trading account balance, I decided to start out with 1 contract in order to get the hang of the platform and to see how different stocks move.

The first few days I tried scalping and had as many as 56 fills a day!

Eventually, I got better at being patient and knowing what signals to look for.

The issue I had with trading sometimes is that I don’t stop watching the markets even though I tell myself I’m done for the day. When I do that I end up trading again sometimes being up even more and other times giving some back.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that when I take profits and see that I would have made more had I held longer I get tempted to hop back in.

In the beginning, I did start chasing before the greed kicked in but eventually I started becoming aware that this is a bad habit.

What helped with that is that I would remind myself of the words I’ve heard from the SML Team.

“The goal is to make money”

“Take the profit and just walk away”

There were good times… and then there were bad times

Trading has it’s up’s and downs. What kept me going through the downs is the thought of having to ever go back to a full-time job and not having the freedom and time to do what I want every day.

Whenever I had a red day, feeling like I was becoming ungrounded and losing 
control, I would do my best to get flat and take the rest of the day off. As
hard as it is sometimes to not be tempted to revenge trade we MUST do our best
to be disciplined enough to walk away from a situation that can become even

We are often distracted and running on autopilot without even realizing it. It’s good to take a step back process and reflect everything that has happened throughout the day.

This may sound weird but doing nothing could also be productive.

The Community Keeps us Going!

SML’s community is like hanging out with a bunch of your favorite family members.

Everyone is super helpful and open to sharing information. I love the fact that everyone is here to learn and grow together individually and as a group.

Instead of being a bunch of gamers gaming and chatting we are trading and getting better at making money through the markets.

If it wasn’t for the SML community I wouldn’t have met so many wonderful souls. The community has helped expand my knowledge of trading, real estate, and other topics.

To all the new traders out there…

  1. Have a game plan. 
  2. Start every trading day fresh, learn to LET GO of bad trades & don’t dwell on them. 
  3. Start small with 1 contract at a time, be patient with yourself and don’t rush into anything.
  4. If you really want this you will do whatever it takes necessary to achieve your trading goals. Be willing to put in the work and time. 
  5. Do your research, set your levels, set your alerts, and the most important one is to SHOW UP!
  6. Consistency is Key! People who are consistent with the gym/diet will usually see results and the ones that aren’t don’t achieve their goals.
  7. The same thing applies to trading and anything else you apply yourself to on a consistent basis. Consistent efforts add up!
  8. Don’t be afraid to try and reach out to people if you have questions. Some people may not respond right away or may not even respond.
  9. Don’t take it personal, it’s OK because you have to remember it’s up to that individual on whether or not they want to give away their time. 
  10. Don’t get discouraged. Be consistent and keep trying. Eventually, you will get the answers and help you were looking for.
  11. Don’t give up!

My Top 5 Trading Tips

1. Show up, and commit to what you are trying to achieve.

Make sure you start the day fully rested and early. Start at least 30-60 minutes early so you’re mind is still and calm versus showing up later and rushing.

2. Focus, Be patient & trust the process.

Don’t think about the past or future.  Focus on being fully present.  If your mind isn’t still and mentally prepared, DON’T TRADE

3. Learn to control your emotions.

Know when to take a loss & reset.  Hoping a bad play will turn around doesn’t always work and can result in more losses versus cutting the losses earlier.

4. Don’t have any regrets when it comes to trading.

When you exit a trade, remember at that moment you were confident with the decision. If you exit a position and you see you could have made more if you held… don’t torture and start regretting that you exited. The moment you start thinking “dam I should have held or I would have made more” Nobody can predict the future!

5. Don’t go all in, remember its not a race the key is to stay consistent.

When you are up money consistently and feel as if you’ve outgrown your current sizing, take your time sizing up.

Before I go,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU. Thank you so much, Umar, Usman, Zee and the SML community for being so helpful on my trading journey. You guys have really changed and made a positive impact on my life. 

A Message From the Community

Schern, we are so glad to see you doing so amazing and conquering this industry like no other. Before we finish it off, we’d like to share with everyone a few words from the members of the community themselves. 

This is Schern, and this is what she means to us.

“Since I met Schern I was able to learn so much about positivity and how much light another individual can bring to your lives. I am grateful to have met her and I can’t wait to see her prosper and take over this male-dominated industry as a woman. She inspires me, she inspires the others in the community, and she will continue to inspire people around the world. Congratulations Schern, this is well deserved and thank you for everything that you do for us.” 

Umar ashraf, founder of stock market lab.

“One of my favorite traders in the SML Community happens to be Schern. She is the true definition of persistence. Having had a few obstacles thrown at her in life hasn’t stopped her from achieving her goals, but it’s only made her more powerful. She is an inspiration to all women around us in the trading industry with a clear message to never giving up. All her hard work is being put towards a life that she loves and that’s all that we strive for. May her trading career continue to blossom and skyrocket as its doing now. 

Eralda, a friend of Schern’s from the community tells us.

“Schern is a powerhouse of information and never holds back from helping others. Not many people go out of their way to help others, but Schern is always their for the SML community as a mentor and a friend. Schern has invested a lot of time and effort to focus on her craft—what makes her different from a lot of other traders out there is that she is simply trying to create a better life for herself, her goals are aligned with self-improvement rather than money—and that mindset and drive what every trader should strive for.”

Says jagdeep, another friend inspired by schern and her positivity.

“Schern is killing ittt, we took same classes and i’m super excited about her journey it’s truely inspiring can’t wait to see her in the top dominating the market. Proving people who said girls can’t trade she trades better than 80% of these men!!!”

Shaboz, supporting schern’s journey

“Schern is one of the nicest, most genuine people that I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Also watching her progress as a trader has been super inspiring!”


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